Self-taught, Self-disciplined Web dude developer

I love to build Stuff. Be it with code, wood, or playdough. I love to think about solutions to problems and then design and build the things that will solve them.

I put a lot of emphasis on clean, well-structured simple code, coding best practices, and making sure the next guy (or girl) who reads my code - won't want to kill me.

Recent projects

  • wpUniverse

    A custom search engine for Wordpress and web developers Built using alpin.js and the google search rest API.

  • Dynamic calendar for The Secular Forum

    A Dynamic calendar, JS Based on WP as the backend. Heavy use of the WP Rest API. (Volunteer Work for the organization - whose cause I strongly support)


    A website for Tassiyeds - educatianol NGO. Built on WP and a custom theme.

  • Woocommerce Sap Sync

    Custom Plugin to sync between SAP and Woocommerce


    A website for giraffedatalab - elite team of G-STAT, Israel's leading analysis and machine learning company for 20 years.. Built on WP and a custom theme.


    Another project for Tassiyeds. The history of electricity in israel. Built on WP and a custom theme.

  • Feilds of Abstraction

    Website for the "Feilds of Abstraction" at the Israeli Museum, Jerusalem.

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  • PHP

  • SQL

  • JavaScript

  • CSS

  • Rest API

  • Alpine JS

  • Vue JS

  • WordPress

  • Tailwind

  • Bootstrap

  • Git

  • jQuery

  • React.js

  • Sass

  • Grunt JS